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Amelia Earhart's Last Flight
By: Norman S.
Alabama, Age 15


Ameila was an overachiever. She was the first woman to fly solo, and now she did that she wanted to take it up a step and fly around the world. It was in a custom made Lockheed Model 10E Electra with her navigator Fed Noonan, that she began the attempt.
On May 21, she left Oakland, CA, and proceeded to fly across the country, staying over land as much as possible. They touched down in Miami, FL for a refuel, then left again, touching down occasionally in places such as San Juan, enegal, Africa, and Calcutta, India.
After leaving Lae, New Guinea, she headed for Howland Island far off in the Pacific Ocean. However, she never arrived.
She surely will go down in history as a famous aviator surely.

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