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Earhart Missing At Sea!
By: Nikki K.
Oklahoma, Age 13


Amelia Earhart, world-renowned pilot, is missing off the Coast of Howland Island. Earhart was attempting to be the first woman to fly around the world. She was flying the small twin-engine plane, Lockheed Electra. Earhart, age 39, is married to publisher, George Putnam. She is noted for being the first woman to cross the Atlantic and being the first woman to complete the perilous flight from Hawaii to California.

Earhart left Miami, Florida, on June 1st, accompanied by navigator Fred Noonan. She reached Lea, New Guinea, on June 29th, and spent three days in Lea. Earhart took off at exactly 00:00 GMT on July 2nd. The last radio communications made were at 20:14 GMT, with the U.S. Coast Guard cutter, Itasca. Shortly after, all radio transmissions ceased, and rescue procedures were implemented. U.S. President Roosevelt has authorized the use of nine naval ships and sixty-six aircraft to be used in the search, however, no wreckage or remains have been found.

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