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Amelia Earheart
By: Annemarie M.
California, Age 11


It was a bright and sunny day in 1937 when Amelia Earheart firt lady of flight was about to fly acrros the atlantic ocean.While she waved goodbye to her family and frenids little did they know this was the last time the would see her again.Somewhere over the ocean Amelia and her plane dissaperd and they have never seen her since.Nobody knows what happened but there are many therios.the things that we know for a fact are that Ameila was an experenced flyer and her plane was an espeilly equiped electra. now the therios are tthat A melia and Fred were held prisoner by the japaness.Others belive that Amelia and Fred were spys. oher people belive that they crash landed in the ocean. We may never know what happened but we do know that Amelia was a GREAT rolmodle for all woman!!!

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