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Amelia's Life
By: Taylor R.
Virginia, Age 12


Have you ever wondered what happend to Amelia Earhart or how she lived life? This is her story and all the amazing things she did.When Amelia was ten she saw her first airplane and wasn't too impressed. Then, almost ten years later when she was at a aviation convention, she realized that she had to fly. Amelia took her first flight on December 28, 1920. About a month later she took her own flying lesson. When she had raised enough money six months later she bought her first plane. On June 17, 1931 she was the first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean. She made many more amazing flights in her life but when she was forty she said she wanted to be the first woman around the world. On June 1st amelia and her navgator Fred Noonan left Miami for the most amazing trip of their lives. By June 29th they landed in Lae, New Guinea after travelling 7,000 miles. They only had to make it to Howland Island which was 2,556 miles from Lae and they would make history. This would be the most difficult part of their flight. Once they took off it had already turned into a disaster because the Itasca could not stay in touch with Amelia. After Amelia sent one last transmission, she disappeared. Nowone knows what happened to Amelia but all we know is that she was an inspiration to everyone.

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