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Amelia Earhart, Great Woman, Great Pilot, Great Disappearance
By: Sarah S.
Arizona, Age 11


Amelia Earhart took off for her big flight on Saint Patrickís Day 1937, everyone was excited, especially strong women activists. Even though she was strong she wasnít alone, Amelia had a great navigator, Fred Noonan. Even though they They had some problems along the way.
Along their flight they had to stop and land in many places because they were having problems with their plane, the Electra. On their last stop Amelia was so worried about not being able to get to their destination safely that she sent all their clothes, maps, emergency things, and other items that might help if they didnít make it to their destination.
Earhart and Noonan headed out again, this time hoping to make it to their destination, Howland Island. They were communicating with crew members on a near by boat who were monitoring their flight patterns. When they lost communication everyone was worried. Amelia and Fred havenít came back the search will continue and hopefully the great navigator and great woman will return home.

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