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Amelia Earhart: The Doomed Flight
By: Nathan H.
California, Age 11


This just in,Amelia Earhart and Fred Noonan,her navigator,were flying toward Howland Island with 30 minutes of gas left when she lost contact with the Coast Guard on the Itasca.Four million dollars went into the search for Amelia.It was the biggest sea search in the history of the U.S.Since noone found the remains of the Lockheed Electra that she flew,many theories have risen.Some suggest they crash landed on Nikumaroro Island.Others think they were held captive on the island of Saipan,while others blame UFOs for her dissapearance.However,none of these theories have been proven.The search for Earhart goes on.Will we find Amelia and Fred? Will we find out what happened? The world may never know...

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