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Amelia Earhart Goes Around the World
By: Addie B.
New Hampshire, Age 10


Yesterday afternoon, Amelia Earhart, the first woman pilot to navigate a plane over the Atlantic Ocean, began an attempt of flying around the world. Her journey began in Miami Florida. The navigators lost her location. Here are her last words: “we are on line of position 156-157… don’t hold with us much longer… above water shut off…ship on reef south of equator.” If she were to make it around the world she would have gone about 24,500 miles. We don’t know how far she went because we don’t know were she went missing. Maybe someday we will find her. The navigators think she died on a little tiny island in the middle of nowhere. Until someone finds her we will never know. It will be a mystery of America! When this was happening Texas New London had a gas explosion. 294 died! Hinden explodes in flames and 36 people died. The Yankees release Tony. Last of all San Jacinto suffers -50 F.

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