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My story of Amelia's childhood
By: Jeana C.
Virginia, Age 11


Here is my facts of Amelias childhood.
Amelia's Earhart was born on July 24,1897 in Atchision,Kansas.Her grandparents raised her at the early childhood.Her mother and father rasied her from the age 10 and on.She was an tomboy,she hunted and climb trees.She graduated from Hyde Park School in 1915.She was a nurse in WW1.Her first airlplane ride was was in 1908.Amelia said ''as soon as we left the ground i knew i myself had to fly. She
took her first flying lesson Curtiss JN-4 Jenny.Amelia placed third in cleveland Air Durbey.Her nick name was now ''Powder Puff Derby''. Now I have told you my facts of Amelia's childhood.

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