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The Childhood of Amelia Earheart
By: Mike G.
New York, Age 14


Amelia Earhart was born in 1897 in Atchinson, Kansas to Amy and Edwin Earhart. Amelia was nicknamed Milly as a child. Milly had a younger sister named Muriel she had also had a nickname, Muriels nickname was Pidge. Milly and Pidge had a really nice childhood. Their father took long business trips and Amy often went with them so the children were left with their grandma and grandpa Otis. Later on Milly and Pidge's father started to drink. Edwin never came home to play anymore, but would spend his time and money after work to go out and do some drinking with his freinds. Soon after he almost lost his job but was sent to a one month alcoholic center. When he was released he started to drink once again. This news travled to the main headquarters in Chicago he was then fired. When Edwin found a new job he moved the family. When they arrived they found the job was a misunderstanding, but the family stayed. Amelia(milly) soon lost all her childhood ways and graduated highschool. She later took up flying. Flying was one of her greatest passions. She first saw and airplane when she was 10. Right there she knew she wanted to fly. She wanted to become the first women ever to fly over and across the Atlantic Ocean. Many people said that she would not make it and would crash and would not be found.

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