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The childhood of Amelia E.
By: Dominique M.
Ohio, Age 11


During Amelia's chilhood she was a daring child by jumping fences like boys. However, her grandmother see's her and scolds her. Everytime, her grandmother tells her that proper little girls don't jump fences, Amelia says well it's not fair that boys can jump fences but girls can not. During her childhood Amelia and other girls had to wear saggy jeans and boots. But, after a while people started making skirts going down to the ankle because, it was not nice for little girls to show their legs in public. One time her father got drunk from drinking too much beer. By then he almost lost his job, because he couldn't do any paper's nor he couldn't stop drinking so the second time he lost his job. But, sometimes Amelia and her sister Muriel looked out the window for him. These are some signals for Amelia and Muriel. When they hear just plain footsteps then it's their father. Therefore, when they hear footsteps in leaves it's just an old stranger. After, her father quit drinking, he looked and looked for a job. Finally, he found a job in Minnesota. Then, Amelia and her family moved where her father worked at. While,she was growing up, she saw a man on crutches and decided to help him. She started to work as a nurse and helped kids with school, homework, injuries, and reading. Amelia decided to be a teacher to help kids. After all that went through her life she decided to be a pilot.

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