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Amelia's Early Years!
By: Lauren B.
Ohio, Age 11


As a young girl Amelia acted like a boy she thought if a boy could hop a fence then she could. Her grandmother did not like it one bit. Her mother and father lived in a different state. Amelia and her sister lived with their grandmother. when Amelia was ten Amelia and her sister went to live with their parents. A couple of weeks later Amelia and her family went to the state fair that's when Amelia saw her first plane. Back then Amelia was not interested in aviation when she got older she was. As a teenager Amelia began to notice her fathters drinking problem her father had a nice job but never went. Amy and her two daughters moved to chicago to stay with friends when her and her husband got divorced. As Amelia got older she drove a canary yellow plane. She began to take long flights for 20 hours and 19 minutes long. She was the first woman to take a flight that long. But what all she went through she is still known for a lot.

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