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Amelia Earhart how she became a pilot
Virginia, Age 12


I will tell you how a Amelia Earhart became a pilot.First, When Amelia was 10 Years old she saw her first plane at the state fair. Second, But she wasn't impressed at all. Third, The plane that she saw was rusted wire and it look nastey. Forth, She was looking at the aviater. Fivth, On December 28,1920, Frank Hawks the pilot gave her a ride in his plane and migth change her life. Sixth, They got off the ground and they fly up to two or three hunderd feet up in the sky and after the flight she said to her self ''she have to fly again'' because she like flying. Seventh, She made a scarpbook when she get newpaper clip about succeful women. After, She graduating from Hyde Park High School in 1915, But after she gradurt she became a nurse acid in a military hospital in canada during WW1,and attened college and also later in her life she became a social worker. Next, she took flying lession on Janury 3, 1921,and six mouth manged to save a enough money to buy her a first plane. Then,she got a plane and it ''canary'' and used it to set a women record by rising to an altitude 14,000 feet up in the sky. Finally, After she had a interview in New York and with projoct coordinator, inculding book publisher and pulicist George P. Putnamy and she was asking to join a pilot Wilner(Bill)Stulz and co/pilot meachanic Louis E. (slim)Gordon. I told you ''how she became a pilot'' Now you tell me what you know about HOW SHE BECAME A PILOT.Thank you for reading what i wrote for you to read.

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