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India, Age 12


Amelia Earhart the prominent dreamy pilot sets yet another record by flying as the first women passenger across the Atlantic. Amelia Earhart traveled nominally as a passenger with extra duty of keeping the flight log. A team including pilot Wilmer Bill Stultz and co-pilot and mechanic Louise E. Slim Gordon left Trepassy harbor, Newfoundland after several delays due to tempestuous weather, on June 17, 1928 for a record-setting flight.
It all began one afternoon in April 1928 when Earhart addressed a phone call at work “I am too busy to answer just now” she had said. But on hearing the excellent references given by the caller, publicist Capt. Hilton H. Railey, she heard further ahead till the thoughtful offer came “How do you like the idea of being the first woman to fly the Atlantic?” no wonder the answer was a yes. “The idea of traveling as extra weight did not appeal to me at all” but she accepted the offer nonetheless.
The Fokker F7 named Friendship arrived with the record setting crew at burry port, Wales on June 17 1928, 21 hours later. The flight has created sensation headlines all around the world and now the crew shall be given a ticker-tape parade in New York and a reception held by president Calvin Coolidge at the white house.
The aspirant and courageous lady still has to say “Stultz did all the flying- had to. I was just a baggage of potatoes” she added “…maybe someday I’ll try it alone.”

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