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Amelia Earhart
By: Brre-Anne W.
Ohio, Age 11


Amelia Earhart was born in Atchison Kansas on jluy 24th 1897. Her parents were Edwin Earhart a lawyer forr a railroad and Amy Earhart the daughter of a wealthy judge. In 1900 the Eaarharts had a second daughter Muriel Eaarhart. Amelia was not a quiet schoolgirl. She threw mud balls jumped over fences played baseball and football and shot her own 22 rifle to rid the faamily's barn of rats. When she was seven she made her own rollar coaster useing fence rails and a pair of old roller skates. Allthough other girls their age wore long ruffled dresses Amelia andd Muriel Earhart often woree loose fitting pants called bloomers. The Earhart girls behavior was shocking to some people. But Amelia wrote later some elders have to be shockedfor everybodys good now and then. Amelia was eleven yeas old when she first saw an airplane. It was 1908 five years after the wright brothers made the first sucessfful flight. Amelia wrote later that at the time she thought it was just a thing of rusty wire and wood..... not at all intresting.Amelia spent christmas 1917 with her sister in toranto.

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