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Amelia’s Heartbreak and What’s Happening in the World
By: Hailie B.
New Hampshire, Age 10


Amelia was born in Atchiston, Kansas to parents Samuel Edwin and Santon Earhart . Amelia’s sister would go out in her neighborhood and explore for hours. When Amelia was the age of ten, her father was transferred to a new job in Des Moines Iowa , shortly after she moved she saw her first airplane at the Iowa State Fair , she was not impressed when she saw it. She saw her first airplane in 1908. Earhart thought that a plane was just a “thing of rust wire and wood, and not at all interesting.” Amelia’s father retired in 1914 in order to rehabilitate his alcoholism . At this time Amelia’s grandmother died, but she left a considerable amount of money in trust of her daughter Amelia’s mom Santon Earhart. WORLD, 1915 World War I break’s out in Europe in the summer of 1914 ,but in 1916 German pilot’s mount machine guns to their cockpit’s ,and the age of fair to air combat is born. World War I started in the summer of 1914 in Europe and lasted until November 1918.

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