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By: Jacob H.
New Jersey, Age 12



Jacob: “This is Jacob H reporting live and Amelia Earhart just flew the first plane by a girl! Wow that is a lot of smoke. It is hard to breath now. I am here with Michael N. How do you react to this?”
Mike: “I cannot believe this is happening I only thought men could do that.”
Jacob: “Well Michael you are wrong. For the first time ever a girl has flow a plane. Here is some sound of her taking off. “Michael move away from the mic. I’m in the air! Yes I am the first girl to fly a plane! That is only some of the sound from her flight. For more info go to 98.6. That’s all Jacob H reporting live. Get away from the mic Michael .”
Mike: “No!”
Jacob: “Cops arrest him!”
Mike “Oh no!”

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