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Research and Expert Opinion

When we investigate reading, we study cognition, linguistics, psychological influences, and social-cultural traditions. Explore research and expert opinion that support best practices for independent reading.


At Scholastic, we believe in providing educators with research-based instructional materials and supports for their classrooms.

We source research from education experts, research labs, and organizations from across the country to bring the best resources to your school.

Volume, Stamina, and Avid Independent Reading

When it comes to the role of books and reading in increasing reading achievement, the facts are indisputable. Extensive and intensive reading—also known as avid, high-volume reading—supports not only high scores on reading achievement tests, but also a fulfilling and productive life.


Engagement and Motivation

The research is powerful and convincing. Many studies show that intrinsic motivation drives student reading.


Diverse Learners

A rich classroom collection of culturally responsive books acknowledges the heritage of culturally diverse students, bridges the gap between home and school, and enhances students' reading engagement.


The Power of Reading Choice

Students are thrilled when they get to choose their own books. Research has frequently found that self-selection is the hook that snags both children and teens and convinces them to read.


Access to Books

Research suggests that a reciprocal relationship exists between access and outcomes. In other words, providing interesting written materials to children increases their reading activity and achievement, which in turn further increases their desire to read and acquire more books.


Classroom Libraries

Excellent classroom libraries, school libraries, and public libraries all serve as cornerstones of a successful school reading program, creating an environment where students want to read and can read as much as possible.


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