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Scholastic’s commitment to children does not stop at the school door or end after the bell. Following the latest research trends, we build the capacity of school staff to work with families and community partners to support the whole child—all day and all year. Our specialists work closely with administrators, teachers, and school staff to ensure they have the skills and tools to effectively partner with all families to improve student learning. The Pathway to Effective Family-School Partnerships combines ongoing assessment, planning, and support for implementation to ensure systemic engagement practices.

Family Engagement Professional Learning Sessions

Our workshops demonstrate how family engagement is an important strategy to impact student achievement. Choose any two of these sessions for a full day of training.

  • Foundations of family engagement
  • Scholastic literacy training event
  • Parent coordinator 101
  • Addressing barriers to learning so every child can succeed

Family Engagement Assessment (FEA)

Assess how welcome families are in your school and in the learning process through the Family Engagement Assessment (FEA). Family Engagement specialists partner with schools to conduct a walkthrough for each building, review material distributed to families, survey administrators, and more. The process concludes with an individualized report that includes baseline data, commendations, and recommendations to help schools target and prioritize family engagement work.

Dr. Karen Mapp’s Family Engagement Workshop Series

This three-day workshop series brings the Dual-Capacity Building Framework to life by helps participants explore the five process conditions that characterize effective family engagement programs:

  • Building Relationships
  • Leveraging Strengths
  • Supporting Learning
  • Working in Groups
  • Practice and Feedback

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