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Redesigned, Reimagined.

Teachers have access to a wide variety of reading assessments. The key is taking those assessments to the next level and clearly defining what is needed to lift students toward reading independence.

The digital management system provides:
Teachers with tools to integrate classroom data with powerful lesson planning.
Administrators with reports to monitor students' progress across all schools.

Administrator View

Understand key benchmarks

View trends and track progress of classes, grades, and schools to provide student-focused support for your district.
Understand the student population's reading achievement with grade-level benchmarks.

School View

Access data quickly

Principals can view summary reports indicating student reading levels, spelling stages, and comprehension scores.
Literacy coaches can use summary reports to provide teachers with reader-focused support.

Classroom View

Identify patterns for support

Classroom data helps teachers make the best instructional decisions for their students.
Report trends help inform instruction based on student skills and comprehension.
Understand whether each student is reading below, meeting, or exceeding benchmarks.

Individual Student Reports

Personalize instruction

Dynamic summary of a student's current Reading Level, Spelling Stage, Comprehension Score, and Reading Interests.
Each student portfolio includes all of the data collected throughout the year to easily track progress.
Helpful resource for Parent-Teacher conferences and meetings with instructional support team members.

Teacher Tools

Plan differentiated reading instruction

Group students by reading stage, level, and developmental need to target instructional focus.
Choose instructional goals that build students' skills and text-based comprehension.

Teacher Resources

Utilize professional development tools

Access all K-6 resources, including assessment forms, lesson plans, videos, and program materials.
View professional development videos featuring Jan and Maria's classroom assessments in action.

Questions? Look here.

Do you offer professional development?

Yes, in addition to the videos and resources available in the data management system, we offer Professional Learning Services workshops for teachers and coaches: Getting Started with Next Step Guided Reading and Next Step Guided Reading Assessment: Decide and Guide. Contact us to learn more.


How do I buy this for my school or district?

Thanks for your interest! Please contact your local sales representative to discuss 1-800-724-2222.


Does this require a software download?

No, the data management system is accessed through the Scholastic Digital Manager (SDM), which provides a single place for educators to access and manage their rostered Scholastic digital products and manage student enrollment data.

Can I use the data management system anywhere?

Yes, you can access the data management system to enter and view classroom data on a computer or tablet with internet connection.

Can data be exported and shared?

Yes, users have the option to export and download classroom and student data via .csv file and print student summary reports. Classroom data and student records can also be transferred year-over-year through the Scholastic Digital Manager.