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Scholastic Professional Publishing offers best-practice support from literacy leaders on a range of topics that matter to teachers, particularly at a time when they’ve been pressed to provide instruction remotely. A combination of topic-focused videos and lesson-support materials provide professional resources that will help teachers excel both during this pandemic and in the future.

Our Featured Experts This Week

Create Super Readers With the 7 Strengths Model

"It is time for a new paradigm for the teaching of reading—a strength-based approach that is fueled by the child's own voice in the world, the choices she makes as a reader, and the time to experience reading in a safe and supportive environment."

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Highlights From Previous Weeks

Promote Deeper Reading at Home with the Book, Head, Heart Framework

"We want kids to realize that reading should involve disrupting thinking, changing their understandings of the world and themselves."

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Boost Phonics Skills at Home with the Making Words Strategy

"When students learn to solve words in the most efficient manner possible, their reading comprehension and fluency also improve."

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