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D. J. Mac Hale

See a clip of D. J. Mac Hale from our Author Video.

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D. J. Mac Hale
Author of Pendragon: Reality Bug
Featured Middle School Author

Look in on D.J. MacHale, producer and director of several national television series and author of this ultra-cool fantasy novel, the fourth and latest in his Pendragon series, as he spends an afternoon discussing his latest work with students. Spend a few minutes with the author and kids as they explore his newest "territories" of a "second earth." It's adventure that's not just for boys!!

Pendragon: The Reality Bug

Pendragon: The Reality Bug
by D.J. MacHale
Bobby joins forces with the Veelox Territory's traveler, Aja, to square off against Saint Dane. The uber-villain is poised to strike because nobody's minding the store. Everyone is living the virtual good life, courtesy of the ultimate VR machine, Lifelight. Can Bobby resist the lure of "perfect reality" long enough to foil Saint Dane?