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Judy Blume

See a clip of Judy Blume from our Author Video.

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Judy Blume

Author of Double Fudge
Featured Elementary Video Author

Hear why the latest of this popular author's many books is so special to her and why it's called "Double" Fudge. Find out how the author began her writing career and what words of wisdom she has for kids on using their marvelous imaginations to create stories of their own in a segment at the end of the video called, "Tips on Writing by Judy Blume."

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Double Fudge

Double Fudge
Judy Blume
Fudge is back! — and he's discovered money in a big way. He's making his own "Fudge Bucks," dressing as a miser for Halloween and thumbing through catalogs before bed, choosing birthday and Christmas presents years in advance. All of this is quite embarrassing for his family, especially older brother Peter, who's just starting seventh grade. Things begin to change when the Hatchers discover their long-lost relatives, the Howie Hatchers of Honolulu, Hawaii.

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