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Steven Kellogg

Steven Kellogg

illustrator of Millions to Measure
Featured on Elementary Video

Steven Kellogg's fascination with books began in his early childhood. Hear him tell how his love of stories grew into a career as an illustrator. Steven also shares his insight into the creative process of developing the characters for his books. You will even get a tour of his art studio in an old Connecticut barn!

Millions to Measure

Millions to Measure
written by David Schwartz, illustrated by Steven Kellogg
Your favorite wizard is back — and ready to explore the invention of length, weight, and volume measurements. How tall is Moonbeam, the unicorn? How long are the whiskers of Jello, the cat? And just how heavy is that darling hog? Tons, and teaspoons, and ounces, and feet, and yards, and miles what a headache! With millions to measure, wouldn't one standard system be simpler? Measuring has never been such a blast.

Classroom Activity Available.


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