Teacher's Guide

K–2: Reading/Language Arts

ABCs and the WWW

Space ABC's
This online alphabet book is by the students of Room 100, Buckman Elementary School, Portland, Oregon. These K–2 students share their knowledge of space exploration and planets through their drawings, writing, and their own voices (note: for the audio, you need the RealAudio player). A fun way to motivate your kids to make their own alphabet book.

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary links to many Web sites, including real x-rays and other such online fare. This seems like a great way to introduce young kids to the Web, and the alphabet remains on the top of the screen throughout the activity to make it easy to return to the Little Explorers Page.

Alphabet Fun!

Billy Bear's online Alphabet Games are interactive fun. Kids need little "musing skills" to be able to play. The simplest games are initial consonants; later games include finding letters on the keyboard, and typing in missing letters from words with pictures.

Alphabet Animals
Infostuff has the simplest ABC collection. There is one big image for each letter, which you must step through in order — A, then B, and so on. The graphics are big and could be useful in a group setting.

Tour Itinerary

Space ABC's

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary

Alphabet Fun!

Alphabet Animals