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MATH: Estimation, Measurement, and Computations

Money Math

Looking for a new way to teach about money in your classroom? Just explore any of these interactive sites that make learning about math and money fun for your students.

A simple method for teaching probability is by doing coin flips — and if you visit Ken White's Coin Flipping Page, you don't even have to bring your pennies to class! Just enter the number of coins you'd like to flip, and your Web browser will do it for you. Kids can "flip" these virtual coins multiple times to figure out the average for each number of coins.

Anyone heading overseas? If you're interested in currency conversion, just visit the 164 Currency Converter by OANDA . Here you can convert American dollars into almost any foreign currency — and vice versa. Use this site in conjunction with the Universal Currency Converter, and you can figure out what it would cost to buy a Big Mac and a Coke in 164 countries around the world!

With the Kid's Club Savings Calculator, your class can easily figure out how much money they'll need to save for a given number of months in order to purchase a bike, rollerblades, or just movie tickets. Once your browser has performed the calculation, it'll also let you know what factors it used to figure it out.

Tour Itinerary

Ken White's Coin Flipping Page

164 Currency Converter by OANDA

Universal Currency Converter

Kid's Club Savings Calculator