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Zoos Online: Animal Encounters

Studying animals but don't have the time (or energy) for a field trip to the zoo? Well, you're in luck! On the Web, you can experience the sights, sounds, and thrills of zoos around the country without leaving your classroom. Join us on a virtual field trip to some of the coolest zoo sites on the Internet.

The first thing kids do at the zoo is look for their favorite animals. So start your trip at Zoo in the Wild where students come face-to-face with African mammals and birds. For each creature, students will find colorful photos, basic facts, and maybe even a sound byte. Or creep over to Sea World/Busch Gardens' Animal Bytes, packed with cool photos, fast facts, and fun facts about each animal.

Next, zoom over to the San Diego Zoo. Of course, any successful field trip needs a tour guide to answer kids' questions. At Sea World/Busch Gardens' site, students can Ask Shamu. Stop by and browse Shamu's answers to kids' questions about land and sea animals, or send him an e-mail for a personal response.

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Zoo In The Wild

Sea World/Busch Gardens: Animal Information Database

World Famous San Diego Zoo and Wild Animal Park