Program Overview: Educator Support

Supporting Educators through Student Data and Teaching Materials

Powerful Management System

SAM, the Scholastic Achievement Manager, is the dashboard for supporting data-driven instruction, meeting AYP accountability requirements, and enabling district-wide data aggregation for teachers, administrators, and technology leaders.

large monitor

Powerful reports provide educators with the information they need to fine-tune instruction and improve student performance.

Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide

The educator’s companion for in-depth information on the entire Fraction Nation program. This indispensable resource will help teachers begin and sustain a successful implementation.

Lesson Review Library

The educator hub in Fraction Nation that provides on-demand access to all 64 instructional lessons and practice sets.

Interactive Whiteboard Capabilities

Fraction Nation provides engaging visual models and virtual manipulatives to help students understand fraction and decimal relationships. Educators can demonstrate lessons and practice sets on the whiteboard for small-group or whole-class instruction.