Program Overview: The Instructional Model

A System That Builds Fraction Fluency

Fraction Nation delivers targeted, explicit instruction to help students learn some of the most difficult concepts – fractions and decimals. Every student has an individualized learning experience which helps students build and achieve fraction fluency.

Fraction Nation supports any math curriculum. The ideal implementation is for students to work independently for 15 minutes a day, 3-5 times a week. This program is the perfect complement to the action-packed school day:

  • Before-school math program
  • During home room
  • Daily instruction math block
  • Computer lab periods
  • Targeted after-school program
  • Pull-out intervention
  • Summer school

Placement Assessment

Fraction Nation measures the student’s fraction fluency, and then prescribes an instructional path for each student.


Targeted Instruction

In small, manageable chunks, Fraction Nation provides explicit instruction on key concepts and skills.


Guided Practice

Adaptive, interactive activities provide corrective feedback and progressively build understanding through extensive practice.


Performance Assessment

On-going performance-based assessments track students’ level of mastery.


Ongoing Motivation

Offers students the ability to personalize and populate their nation with animated citizens.


Progress Monitor

The comprehensive management system supports data-driven instruction and district-wide aggregation.


Actionable reports provide educators with the information they need to know to further differentiate instruction and improve student performance.