Program Overview: Scope and Sequence

The Roadmap to Fraction Fluency

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Fraction Nation is organized around 9 comprehensive topics which focus on the key areas of fractions and decimals: quantity, equivalence, and addition & subtraction. The content spans across 64 lessons which are carefully designed to build students’ fraction fluency in 15 minutes day.

64 lessons (15 minutes each)

Topic A

Introduction to Fractions

  • 1:Introduction to fractions
  • 2:Learn about unit fractions
  • 3:Create unit fractions
  • 4:Compare unit fractions
  • 5:Name fractions for different sized wholes
  • 6:Identify unit fraction of an area
  • 7:Identify unit fraction of a set
Topic B

Learning about Fractions

  • 8:Create proper fractions
  • 9:Create improper fractions
  • 10:Compare fractions with the same denominator
  • 11:Compare fractions with the same numerator
  • 12:Estimate the size of fractions using 0 & 1
  • 13:Estimate the size of fractions using ½
  • 14:Compare fractions using 0 & 1
  • 15:Compare fractions by making wholes
Topic C

Number Lines & Other Models

  • 16:Introduction to number lines
  • 17:Use a number line with fractions
  • 18:Identify the fraction of an area
  • 19:Identify the fraction of a set
  • 20:Identify fractions with different models
Topic D

Learning about Decimals

  • 21:Introduction to decimal numbers
  • 22:Identify decimal tenths
  • 23:Compare unit fractions to decimals
  • 24:Identify decimal hundredths
  • 25:Identify decimals as part of an area
  • 26:Estimate decimal numbers
  • 27:Compare decimal numbers
Topic E

Introduction to Equivalence

  • 28:Express whole numbers as equivalent fractions
  • 29:Express fractions as equivalent whole numbers
  • 30:Estimate improper fractions using whole numbers
  • 31:Compare fractions by using equivalence
  • 32:Express mixed numbers as equivalent fractions
  • 33:Express fractions as equivalent mixed numbers
  • 34:Name equivalent fractions for ½
  • 35:Name equivalent fractions for unit fractions
  • 36:Name more equivalent fractions
Topic F

Equivalent Fractions

  • 37:Identify equivalent fractions of an area
  • 38:Identify equivalent fractions of a set
  • 39:Identify more equivalent fractions of a set
  • 40:Name equivalent fractions by multiplication
  • 41:Review factoring of whole numbers
  • 42:Use factoring to name equivalent fractions
  • 43:Find the simplest equivalent fraction
  • 44:Determine if fractions are equivalent
  • 45:Compare fractions by using equivalence
  • 46:Name a fraction between two other fractions
Topic G

Equivalent Decimals

  • 47:Introduction to equivalent decimals
  • 48:Use place value to name equivalent decimals
  • 49:Name a decimal between two numbers
  • 50:Compare decimals by using equivalence
  • 51:Express fractions as equivalent decimals
  • 52:Express fractions as equivalent decimals through division
Topic H

Adding & Subtracting

  • 53:Use a number line to add and subtract fractions
  • 54:Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator
  • 55:Add mixed numbers with the same denominator
  • 56:Subtract mixed numbers with the same denominator
  • 57:Add and subtract decimals with similar place value
Topic I

Adding & Subtracting

  • 58:Estimate sums and differences of fractions with different denominators
  • 59:Find common denominators
  • 60:Add fractions with different denominators
  • 61:Subtract fractions with different denominators
  • 62:Add mixed numbers with different denominators
  • 63:Subtract mixed numbers with different denominators
  • 64:Add and subtract decimals with different place value