Program Overview: Research Foundation

Research-Based & Designed by Experts

Fraction Nation is grounded in research-validated principles that drive fraction instruction and deliver fraction fluency. The program is anchored in four core research foundations:

Strong Visual Models
We make fractions meaningful and visual. Fraction Nation builds students’ understanding of rational number concepts through powerful visual models – including number lines, fraction strips, circles, rectangles, and sets. To build an integrated understanding of the number system, Fraction Nation focuses on the proven effective number line model to help students transition from concrete to abstract models.

Computation with Understanding
We build student competence and expertise. Fraction Nation integrates conceptual and procedural understanding, linking visual representations with fraction symbols and procedures. The program gradually releases students to perform symbolic procedures.

Support for Cognitive Processing
We believe the brain is a working engine and grows! Fraction Nation provides an environment that takes into account the working memory demands of fractions and decimals. Through the use of technology, the program is adaptive in numerous ways to the individual cognitive needs of students.

Worked Examples
We build student mastery. Fraction Nation combines worked examples with practice to help students master key skills and strategies. Lessons in Fraction Nation are short and focus narrowly on individual skills or strategies, ensuring that students can practice each new skill immediately after it is modeled. Fraction Nation animated tutorials are carefully designed to be clear and compelling and to minimize cognitive load.

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Content Advisors: America's Leading Math Educators:


Dr. David Dockterman

Technology and Learning
Harvard University

Adjunct Lecturer on Education


Maria Flanagan

Lead Designer of Fraction Nation
Tom Snyder Productions



Dr. Dennis DeTurck

University of Pennsylvania

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Nancy K. Mack

Mathematics Education
Grand Valley State University

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Gayle Millsaps

Perdue University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Dr. Bethany Rittle-Johnson

Vanderbilt University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education

Linda Schoenbrodt

Baltimore County Public Schools

Former Coordinator for Elementary Mathematics

Dr. Jon Star

Harvard University

Assistant Professor of Education