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Anne and Hanneli: Memories

Anne, Hanneli, and friends Anne and Hanneli

Before World War II interrupted their lives, Hanneli Goslar and Anne Frank did the kinds of things many young girls do. They giggled in class, shared secrets, played games, whispered about boys, and went to parties. Anne and Hanneli were the closest of friends. Learn more about their story now.

It is 1933. The Goslar and the Frank families have just arrived in Amsterdam, Holland, from Nazi Germany. Like many other Jewish people, the Goslars and the Franks have been forced to leave their homes for safety — they trust — in the Netherlands. Soon after they first meet, the four-year-old girls become fast friends.

Then the girls begin kindergarten. Starting school in a new country is not easy for a shy and quiet girl like Hanneli. Hanneli clutches her mother's arm on the first day of class — she is very scared. But the instant she sees Anne, Hanneli loses all her fear and flies straight into her friend's arms. Having an outgoing and confident friend like Anne makes everything much easier.

Read the Interview It couldn't have been easy for Hanneli, a shy and quiet girl, to move to a new country where she didn't know the language and didn't have many friends. Find out what those first few years in Holland were like for Hanneli by reading an interview with her.

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