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Anne and Hanneli: Memories

Anne's 10th Birthday Party Anne and Hanneli
Hanneli and Anne share much of their childhood together. They are in the same kindergarten, elementary school, and high school classes. Their families even vacation together during the summer holidays. As the girls get older, their circle of friends grows larger.

By the time they are 13, Anne, Hanneli, and three friends — Sanne, Ilse, and Jacque — form a ping-pong club. Club members play ping-pong, gossip, and visit places like the ice cream parlor to meet boys.

Read the Interview Hanneli and her friends did a lot of the same things most young people do. However, the laws stated that the girls could only go to places that were for "Jews only." Can you imagine what life must have been like for Hanneli and her friends? Find out by reading Hanneli's interview with students.

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