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Supporting Educators Through Student Data and Teaching Materials

Profile Report
  • Management System

    A robust student management system records each student's progress so that educators can monitor student use and performance through a variety of student, class, and school reports. Here, teachers can further differentiate instruction and adjust student settings, such as number format, student hints, and text-captioning.
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher's Guide

    A comprehensive guide for in-depth program information. Divided into point-of-use sections, the Teacher's guide serves as an indispensable resource and helps educators support a successful implementation from the start.
Interactive Whiteboard-Friendly

    Interactive Whiteboard-Friendly:

  • GO Solve Word Problems is the perfect companion to the interactive whiteboard or projector. Teachers can lead the class through the Anchored Instruction animations and utilize the Guided Practice to create an interactive lesson.

    Additional Student Exercises

  • To help students transfer their learning from computer to paper-and-pencil, GO Solve Word Problems provides additional activities to deepen students' understanding. Teachers can incorporate these into the curriculum to help students think critically and achieve mastery.