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"School Uniforms" Survey Results

School Uniform: Yes or No (bar chart)


  1. Based on the survey results, do most kids in the United States think that public school students should or should not be required to wear school uniforms?

  2. a. From which region of the country did kids vote differently from the rest of the nation?

    b. Based on the number of students who voted in this region, what may be one reason for this difference in opinion?

  3. a. From just looking at the graph, without doing any mathematical calculations, what would you estimate is the percentage of total students who voted "no" to school uniforms?

    b. Now do the math. First, add up how many students voted in the survey. Of this total, what percentage of students voted "no" to school uniforms? Is this what you predicted?

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* School Uniforms: Yes or No (by region)
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