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Are TV and movies too violent? Analyze the Survey Results

How do kids across the country feel about violence in the media? A majority of kids polled said they didn't think that there was too much violence on TV and in the movies. But how did kids in various parts of the country vote? And did girls feel differently than boys? Check out the survey results to find out!

We asked you to tell us

  • if you think there's too much violence on TV and in the movies.
  • what your favorite kinds of TV shows and movies are.
  • if you think ratings help kids decide whether to watch a TV show or movie.
  • if you think watching violent TV shows and movies makes people more violent.

Find out how Scholastic kids voted, then test your math skills. Check out these charts and questions:

* Too Much Violence? (Results by gender)
* Too Much Violence? (Results by region)
* Favorite TV Shows and Movies (Overall results)
* Ratings for TV and Movies (Results by grade level)
* Effects of Media Violence (Results by gender)
Did you miss the chance to vote online? You can still print out the violence in the media survey ballot. Conduct the poll in your class or school, then compare your results with the nationwide vote.