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Are TV and the movies too violent?

The online vote is over — but it's not too late to take a class poll! Print out this ballot and vote with your class, then compare your results to the nationwide vote.

Violence in the Media Survey

Print out this ballot.

Note: Please write the number of girls who voted for each option in the space marked "girls," and the number of boys who voted for each in the space marked "boys."

1. Do you think there is too much violence in the media?
girls boys
yes yes
no no
2. What kinds of TV shows and movies do you spend the most time watching? (You can pick up to three.)
girls boys
dramas dramas
comedies comedies
cartoons cartoons
action action
music videos music videos
other other
Please specify:
Please specify:

In questions three and four, please choose the phrase that you feel best completes the sentence.
3. The ratings (G, PG, etc.) for TV shows and movies

help kids to decide whether a show or movie is appropriate for them to watch.

girls boys

make kids want to watch shows and movies that are intended for adults.

girls boys

don't make a difference to kids.

girls boys
4. Watching violent TV shows and movies

makes people more likely to act violently themselves.

girls boys
makes people less likely to behave violently themselves. girls boys
has no effect on people's behavior. girls boys
Now that you're done with your offline vote, compare your class vote with the results from the nationwide survey.

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