Welcome to Healthy Readers, Healthy Writers, a program that meets national standards in language arts and health for grades K–2 developed by The Triaminic Clinic in conjunction with Scholastic Inc. Everything you need to start using this program is right here, including easy-to-use lessons and reproducible activities.

As an added bonus, you’ll find Teacher & Family Resource Pages with activities to help families and students build reading and writing skills at home. These family pages contain information on how to order a free Cold Catcher™ storybook. The Cold Catcher™ is a super health hero whose story includes important health tips for children.

Print out each lesson and corresponding student reproducible. As you teach each lesson, distribute the accompanying student reproducible. Standards and Benchmarks (PDF)

You can also review key concepts of the program with students by distributing the Make Time to Be Healthy (PDF) handout. Also, check out these handy Tips to Keep a Healthy Classroom (PDF).

Print out and use these additional language arts skill-building activities in your classroom.

Activity 1: Make a Move! (PDF)
Activity 2: Get Your Health in Order (PDF)
Activity 3: Practice Makes Perfect Health (PDF)

Answers to Additional In-Class Activities:
Activity 1: Make a Move!: 1. Saturday; 2. Tuesday; 3. Sunday; 4. 91 minutes; 5. 11 minutes; Bonus: Thursday and Saturday.
Activity 2: Get Your Health in Order: 1. Always start the day with breakfast. 2. Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue if you sneeze. 3. Wash your hands before and after meals. 4. Visit the doctor for a checkup each year.
Activity 3: Practice Makes Perfect Health: 1. Broccoli is her favorite. 2. She stays clean with a bath every night. 3. Patty gets at least eight hours of sleep.

By distributing these Family Resource Pages, you can help families reinforce the important language arts skills and health messages students have been learning in class. There's also information on how to request a free storybook about the Cold Catcher™ and how to register to receive a free Triaminic® House Call Kit.

Family Resource Pages (PDF)