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Photo Credits: Pretzels, roast chicken, bananas, broccoli, carrots, celery, corn, cucumber, grapes on poster, onions, peaches, chili peppers, potatoes, baby pumpkins, and tomato all © Brand X Pictures/PictureQuest. Peanuts, chestnuts, lunchbox, white egg, pea pods, walnuts, apples & glass of apple juice, ear of corn in husk, red bell pepper, dairy products & greens, measuring spoons, and pineapple all © Photodisc/PictureQuest. Sesame bagel, bowl of rice, Swiss cheese, colander with lettuce, glass of water, glass, gallon of milk, loaf of sliced bread, vegetables, bowl with spoon, wooden spoon, and measuring cup all © Photodisc/Getty Images. Glass of milk, cheddar wheel, whisk, brown egg, slice of bread, plain bagel, croissant, bowl of cereal, pasta, sheaf of wheat, lemon, slice of watermelon, turkey on platter, and oil cruet all © Brand X Pictures. Glass of orange juice © Stockdisc/PictureQuest. Ham & cheese sandwich © Thinkstock/PictureQuest. Girl reading © Image Source/PictureQuest Wheelchair racer © Jim Cummins/Getty Images. All other kids © RubberBall.









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