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Lesson 1: Fabulous Food Groups!

Students will learn:

  • That there are different kinds of foods and drink, with different names: fruits, vegetables, meat and beans, milk products, and grains.
  • That eating from various food groups every day will give them a healthy, balanced diet.

Time Required: 30 minutes

Material Needed: Activity 1 (PDF) Student Reproducible

Steps for Conducting the Lesson:

  • Ask students to study the I SPY poster and pick out examples of foods and drinks. Ask them to name the foods and drinks they see.
  • As students look, point to different foods and ask them, “What kind of food is that? Is it a fruit? What kind of drink is that?” Point to two similar items on the poster (e.g., apple and orange), and ask students what they have in common. (They’re fruits, they have skins and seeds, etc.)
  • Introduce the idea of food groupings. Go through the categories of food and give students examples of each. Ask them, “What do the foods in this group have in common?” As you finish each food group, write its name on the board.
  • Explain to students that drinking beverages and eating foods from different food groups is a great way to stay healthy.
  • Make copies and distribute the Lesson 1 student reproducible, “Fabulous Food Groups!”

Wrap-Up: Encourage students to come up with examples from different food groups on their own. Ask them to draw their favorite food from each food group and show it to the class.

Answers to Fabulous Food Groups! student reproducible: apple = fruit; bread = grain; milk products = milk; broccoli = vegetable; turkey = meat.

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