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Lesson 2: Name That Juice!

Students will learn:

  • That some foods and drinks are healthier than others.
  • Examples of healthy foods and drinks.
  • That fruit juice is made from whole fruits, and that drinking a glass of pure fruit juice is a healthy choice in a balanced diet.

Time Required: 30 minutes

Material Needed: Activity 2 (PDF) Student Reproducible

Steps for Conducting the Lesson:

  • Remind students of what they’ve learned about food groups. Start a list of foods on the board to help students remember which food goes in what group.
  • Remind students that enjoying meals from varied food groups is a good way to stay healthy.
  • Explain to students that fruit juice is a drink that comes from real fruits. Whole fruits—such as apples and oranges—are squeezed until all the juice inside comes out.
  • Make copies and distribute the Lesson 2 student reproducible, “Name That Juice!”

Wrap-Up: Ask students to name different kinds of juice, then ask them why they think pure fruit juice would make a healthy drink.

Answers to Name That Juice! student reproducible: apple juice; orange juice; berry juice; grape juice.


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