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Lesson 2: Paper: The Everyday Wonder
Lesson Objectives:
  • Students will learn how to record and document information by creating a log.
  • Students will gain experience reading a chart.
  • Students will learn which items can be recycled in their community
Curriculum Areas: Language Arts

Time Required:
Two 20-minute class periods

Materials Needed:
  • Paper: The Everyday Wonder  Student Reproducible  (PDF)
  • Pencils
  • List of materials recycled in your community from a phone book or city Web site (if you wish to provide this information)
  • Library or Internet access (if you wish students to research your community’s recycling program independently)


  1. Discuss paper recycling with students. What types of recycling have students been involved with?
  2. Distribute reproducible to students. Ask them to read the chart on the reproducible or review it together as a class.
  3. Assign the log-keeping exercise. Students should complete the log for those paper items that are used in your classroom and during the school day.
  4. Provide your students with information about your community’s recycling program, or challenge them to find the information using the Internet. Tell the students to circle all of the items on their log that can be recovered for recycling in your community. Then discuss those items that your school recycles, and ask students which items could be added to your school’s recycling program.

Extension Activity:  Have students take their logs home and identify those paper items that they use while at home and record them in their log. Have them circle the paper products at home that can be recycled, using their communities’ recycling rules.

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Key Vocabulary for Lessons:
recover (verb): to get something back

recycle (verb): to process old items such as newspapers, glass, plastic, and cans so they can be used to make new products

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