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Lesson 4: Make Your Ideas Heard!
  • Students will understand fundamental elements of a persuasive essay.
  • Students learn the importance of preparation and learn prewriting techniques prior to writing a persuasive essay.
Curriculum Area: Language Arts

Time Required: Two 20-minute class periods

Materials Needed:


  • Lead a discussion with students about what they have learned so far about the benefits of recycling. What would students say to someone about why it is important to recycle in schools? What are some of the important facts that they’ve learned? If everyone in class were to influence one other person, what more could be accomplished?
  • Discuss with students what a persuasive essay is. Explain that a persuasive essay helps to get across your point of view, with the goal of getting your reader to agree with you.
  • Distribute reproducible to students. Have students complete the first two questions in class. Then, ask students to gather information (research) either in school or as a homework activity.
  • In class, have students compile the main reasoning that they would express in a persuasive essay (see step 4 of the reproducible). Next, assign students to write their own essay about why paper recycling is important and what more could be done in their school.

Extension Activity: Have students think of someone with whom they would like to share their message about recycling. Guide them to reshape their essay into a letter so they can send their work to a classmate, principal, teacher, community leader, or local newspaper. Encourage students to make their voice heard and express their point of view with others.

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Key Vocabulary for Lessons:
recover (verb): to get something back

recycle (verb): to process old items such as newspapers, glass, plastic, and cans so they can be used to make new products

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