What are your favorite Web sites for teachers and for students?
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I like It provides free weekly K–12 educational articles and lesson plans on current NASA projects. Printable and downloadable, these supplemental curriculum resources meet national education standards.

Dawn Gaddis, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL, K–8 grade

My family loves the Enchanted Learning Web site ( The site covers virtually every theme you can think of, and the dinosaur stuff is awesome! They also refer you to informative links. Enchanted Learning offers lots of great things to print, as well as art activities, and other fun things to try. It's user friendly, too. This site is a teacher's and a student's dream.

Kathleen Shanahan, Saddle Brook, NJ

We love, which has helped my kids to improve their reading comprehension skills. My kids also appreciate that the site rewards them with points to use towards a variety of prizes.

Lisa Miller, GCS, FL, Fourth grade

I love to use as well as for research, teacher ideas, and professional development. They are both great, and have been very helpful! I have found that kids love looking on Ask Jeeves Kids ( to help them learn and answer questions that they may have about various topics.

Elizabeth Cochran, Hagerstown, MD

My favorite web sites for teachers are:
My favorite web sites for students are:

Gina, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Grades 7 & 8

I use often. My students love the Puzzlemaker section. The clip art is great and there are templates for different lesson plans. Of course, I would be remiss in not including my all time favorite website:! I am a faithful user of the lesson plans and reproducibles.

Lisamarie Westengard, Palm Desert, CA, Grades 3 and 4

I really enjoy

Pam Cotton, Broken Arrow, OK, Grade 2

I use all of the time. It is especially wonderful for early childhood and I always find useful info.

Iris Tompkins, Monroe, NY

Over 100 links to other sites are available for teachers at Categories include: lesson plans, crafts, holidays, research, and information.

C Schwarzmann, Pasadena, MD

For teachers, the Mailbox Companion at is great for finding lesson ideas and reproducibles.

Michelle Towns, Lakeside, CA, Grade 3

I love the perpetual preschool ( It has great ideas and information for teachers, as well as cute themes and ideas for preschool.

Debbie Territo, Middletown, NJ, Kindergarten

A great site is and it links you to many other good sites. Also, is excellent if you teach in the state of Missouri, but good for other people too.

Brenda Wilson, Shelbyville, MO, Grade 2

I LOVE! After a unit on The Three Little Pigs, we completed the word problems for that book. Then we tried our own hand at writing word problems for other books or stories we've read. The fear of word problems has ceased because of this web site. It's packed—you'll love it!

Trudy Morehead, Raleigh, NC, Grade 3

Katie Bartley, Lake Orion, MI, Grade 4

Lynn Dunn, Snellville, GA, Grade 3