Community is a central theme in the social studies curriculum during the early primary years. This theme builds on students' expanding knowledge of their own communities by allowing them to explore their roles and the roles of others. Students' understanding of their own communities is also a good basis for learning about other communities — in other cultures, in other historical periods, and even in the animal kingdom.
Community Roles

These activities will help students recognize the importance of communities and that citizens of a community have certain responsibilities. An online activity for early readers allows students to explore and describe roles of different community members. Students can even observe roles of different members of an animal community.
Communities Long Ago

Students explore online the events leading up to the first Thanksgiving in a Pilgrim community many years ago. They can also learn about life in the "olden days" with hands-on activities. In these activities, students will recognize that communities and countries have histories, compare and contrast communities today with those in the past, and recognize holidays as ways of celebrating the past.
Communities Near and Far

Students learn more about their own communities through mapping, reading, and art activities. They also learn about other communities by exploring the holidays celebrated in different cultures. Through these activities, students will identify important features of their own communities, as well as recognize that each community has its own customs.

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