Teach Now! Holidays

Lessons & Activities (PreK-8)

Holidays is a topic occupying the thoughts of children — and teachers — during much of the year, but especially during November and December. This theme can provide a wonderful opportunity to introduce students to customs and cultures that may be unfamiliar to them and to help them recognize festivals as communal celebrations of culture. All of the activities in this unit can be considered as social studies activities, but many incorporate other curricular areas as well.

Language Arts

Students increase content-related vocabulary and test their knowledge of holiday traditions as they work a crossword puzzle. They also practice writing skills by becoming storytellers, completing a mini-book, and sharing their family's holiday traditions.
Social Studies

Students make a bulletin board and fill out a crossword puzzle to compare and contrast various holidays celebrated in December. They also participate in classroom activities and use the Internet to obtain information about holiday traditions and how holidays are celebrated in other countries. Right at home, they can also participate in activities to celebrate the season of sharing.
Art and Drama

In these activities, students express themselves creatively by making crafts and gifts and by performing a simple play. They will also follow step-by-step instructions and increase awareness of the ways in which different cultures celebrate the holidays.

In this activity, students read a schedule related to the holidays and practice telling time.