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The seasonal changes that happen during the fall are exciting for adults and children alike. These changes also provide rich opportunities for students to practice observation and description skills. The activities in this theme unit take advantage of such opportunities, as well as extending students' experience into other curricular areas, such as language arts and art. They also introduce students to ways in which animals must adapt as the weather grows colder.
Seasonal Changes

These activities invite students to explore, observe, and describe seasonal changes and recognize that they cause changes in plants and animal behavior. The life cycle of plants is also explored in the Apple Tree activity. In addition, students practice map skills in the migration activities, make a bar graph in Find the Animals, and increase content-area vocabulary with the Internet Field Trip.
Fall Leaves

Students explore colorful fall leaves through poetry, movement, and math in these activities. They observe and describe leaves, express themselves creatively, experience poetry in the context of autumn, and practice estimating skills.
Harvest Time

Fall is also a time for harvest. In Harvest Prints, students observe and describe fruits, as well as recognize that fruits have seeds. In the I Am Thankful mini-book, students increase content-area vocabulary and practice writing skills.
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Four Seasons Apple Tree Chart