As the school year draws to a close, many students find themselves drawn to the outdoors, and heads are filled with thoughts of vacation. The suggestions in this theme unit cover a variety of curriculum areas with fun, motivating activities to help wrap up the year. Some can be done online and others taken outside.
Language Arts

Students can learn about poetry and rhyme by exploring I Spy riddles, either on their own or as a class. Rhyme can also be explored through the familiar medium of song, as students create a class songbook.
Social Studies

Games from other countries (and even our own) can provide a unique window into other cultures. Students will not only enjoy playing these games, but they also provide a good introduction for a discussion about similarities and differences among cultures.

The warm June weather provides many opportunities for outdoor exploration. These activities allow students to practice their observation skills, as well as learn about characteristics of living things — like insects — and their environments.

Shapes and patterns are important math concepts in the early primary years. Making fruit kebabs is a great way to reinforce these concepts and have a delicious snack too! Max's Math Adventures give students opportunities to practice these and other skills online in the context of rhyming poems.

While art projects can take place year-round, these activities can be taken outdoors for a special end-of-year treat. The activities allow students to express themselves creatively with clay and through dramatic play.
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