Travel and transportation is a popular theme in early childhood, and with good reason. It builds upon knowledge that children already have about how they get from here to there. It also provides learning opportunities in social studies, language arts, math, and science. And finally, this year-round topic is just fun!
Travel by Land

These activities allow students to compare and contrast different forms of transportation. They also increase content-area vocabulary and practice early literacy skills (sound identification, letter recognition). In Puffer Bellies and Box Cars, students engage in cooperative and dramatic play about trains, and in the Count the Wheels reproducible, they practice simple number identification and counting skills.
Travel by Air

In a literature-based lesson, students explore activities related to the book The Glorious Flight, including comparing and contrasting the present with the past. In Taking Flight, students practice prediction and observations skills as they conduct a simple experiment. In both lessons, they also explore the physical science of flight and increase content-area vocabulary.
Travel by Water

In these activities, students continue comparing transportation in the past and with transportation in the present, as well as increasing vocabulary related to ships. In Parts of a Ship, students practice reading a diagram. In Grandfather's Journey, they explore journal writing.
From Here to There

Students continue to compare and contrast different forms of transportation, as well as practice basic map skills.