Teach Now! Weather Watchers

Lessons & Activities (PreK-3)

Weather studies are key components of the science curriculum in the early elementary grades. The weather activities in this theme unit provide opportunities for students to build on their concepts about weather and its effects. In addition, they allow students to practice broader science skills — observation, experimentation, description, and measurement. Finally, weather studies provide ample opportunities to expand vocabulary, as well as engage in other literacy activities.

Stormy Weather

Join Ms. Frizzle to set up and conduct a simple experiment to discover how hot air rises, causing wind. You can also use the sites described in an Internet Field Trip to obtain information about different kinds of storms and find out about weather phenomena.
Measure the Weather

In these activities, students will practice measuring skills and recognize the importance of measuring and recording weather. They will also observe and describe the world around them as they conduct a simple experiment with rain.
Weather Words

Students act out a story and recognize how weather causes changes in plants and animals, as well as that weather patterns change over the seasons. They increase content-area vocabulary as they act out this pantomime, read weather poems, create a word wall, and engage in other writing activities.
Wind and Rain

In these activities, students practice observation skills and conduct simple experiments to learn about the properties of clouds and about the effects of rain on the earth.

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Science Interactive Poster: Weather
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