Earth Day Web Sites

As Earth Day approaches, you may be looking for ways to tie environmental studies to your curriculum. Here's a selection of Web sites that might help.
EE-LINK: Environmental Education on the Internet
This vast clearinghouse is maintained by the National Consortium for Environmental Education and Training. Sections include Classroom Resources, Endangered Species, Professional Development, Grants and Awards, and more.

National Geographic
The National Geographic site con-tains several world-class projects on the environment, wildlife, and preservation. Recent projects include "CyberTiger," which challenges kids to build a digital habitat for the Siberian tiger.

This site is a great resource for teachers and students, with infor-mation and links covering all aspects of whale and marine life. Available in English and Spanish.

A collection of databases to help educators integrate environmental and sustainability issues into their teaching. Teachers can create customized course listings using Starfish's 1,800 bibliographic references. The Methods section offers 40 teaching techniques.

Every Web site we link to was visited by our team before we activated the link. But we do not monitor or control these sites and they can change. In addition, many of these sites may have links to other sites, which we have not reviewed.

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